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The Rock

Real name: Tiufeal Dwayne Johnson
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 275 lbs.
Date of birth: May 2, 1972
Born: Hayward, CA
Resides: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Pro debut: 1995
Trained by: Rocky Johnson (father)
Finishing moves: Sharpshooter, The Rock Bottom &
The People's Elbow
Wrestled as: Flex Kavana, Rocky Maivia

Scorpion King

One of the most electrifying wrestlers in the sport, "The Rock" has come a long way in a short time.  The Scorpion King has flip-flopped from fan-favorite to rulebreaker a number of times, but his true talent shines through no matter what.  The Rock always has a catch-phrase handy, and was one of the youngest heavyweight champions ever!  He is a third-generation star who can beat the best of them on any given night!


- In 1996, Johnson entered the now defunct USWA as Flex Kavana.
- On June 17, 1996, Cavana and Bret Sawyer defeated the team of Brickhouse Brown and Reggie B. Fine in the finals of a tournament to capture the USWA (United States Wrestling Association) Tag Team title.
- Cavana and Sawyer regained the USWA Tag Team title on July 8, 1996 in Memphis, TN from Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.
- In November 1996, Johnson made his World Wrestling Federation debut at the Survivor Series under the name
Rocky Maivia. The team of Maivia, Marc Mero, Barry Windham, and Jake Roberts beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Crush, Lawler, and Goldust. Maivia was the sole survivor when he eliminated Crush and Goldust.
- On February 13, 1997, Maivia defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the Intercontinental title.
- On May 11, 1997, in a match with Mankind, Maivia suffered a knee injury that kept him out of action for three months.
- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin refused to defend the Intercontinental title on December 8, 1997, and Vince McMahon awarded Maivia the gold. A short time later, Austin stole the championship belt and tossed it in a river.
- At Wrestlemania XIV, Shamrock defeated Maivia for the IC title, but the decision was reversed when Shamrock refused to release his finishing move, the ankle lock submission.
- Maivia joined the Nation, and ended up kicking Faarooq out of the group, appointing himself as the new leader. By this time Maivia had gone from Rocky Maivia, to simply, The Rock.
- In September 1998, "the people's champion" became a babyface.
- The Rock was declared number one contender for the WWF title when he defeated Shamrock and Mankind in a Triple Threat cage match at the 1998 Breakdown PPV.
- At the 1998 Survivor Series, The Rock defeated the Big Boss Man (in four seconds), Shamrock, the Undertaker, and Mankind to win the WWF title. The Rock turned heel, and became Mr. McMahon's Corporate champion.
- The Rock regained the WWF title at the 1999 Royal Rumble, defeating Mankind in an "I Quit" match.
- Mankind won the title back two days later in Tucson, AZ, before The Rock captured his third WWF title on February 15, 1999.
- At the 1999 Summerslam, The Rock defeated Billy Gunn.
- Mankind and The Rock defeated the Big Show and the Undertaker to win the WWF World Tag Team title on August 30, 1999.
- On September 20, 1999, two weeks after dropping the titles back to the Undertaker and the Big Show, Mankind and the Rock regained the tag team title.
- At the "Smackdown" television taping on October 12, 1999, The Rock 'n' Sock Connection defeated the New Age Outlaws for the WWF World Tag Team title for a third time.
- The Rock pinned the British Bulldog at the 1999 No Mercy PPV.
- The Rock won the 2000 Royal Rumble.
- After a lengthy absence away from television, WWF Chairman Vince McMahon returned March 13, 2000 on "Raw" to save The Rock from a "screw job" by his son Shane, and advance the "Great One" into the main event at Wrestlemania 2000.
- The Rock defeated Triple H for the WWF title at Backlash '00 in Washington, D.C.
- On April 28, 2000, The Rock and Kane defeated the Dudley Boys on a WWF/IWA event in Puerto Rico.
- In May 2000, The Rock signed a five year contract with the WWF.
- From May 7-12, 2000, The Rock filmed scenes in Morocco for the motion picture "Mummy 2."
- At King of the Ring, The Rock defeated Vince McMahon in a six man tag (The Rock, Kane, and the Undertaker vs. Triple H, Shane and Vince McMahon) to claim his fifth WWF title. The title victory tied Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart for the most WWF titles.
- At Fully Loaded '00, The Rock pinned Chris Benoit.
- The Rock successfully defended the WWF title at Summerslam 2000 in Raleigh, NC against Triple H and Kurt Angle in a triple threat match.
- At Unforgiven '00, The Rock successfully defended the WWF title against Benoit, the Undertaker, and Kane in a fatal four way match.
- At Survivor Series '00 in Tampa, FL, The Rock defeated Rikishi.
- On the December 18, 2000 edition of "Raw," The Rock and the Undertaker captured the WWF World Tag Team title from Edge and Christian in Greenville, SC.
- At No Way Out '01 in Las Vegas, The Rock needed two Rock Bottoms to defeat Angle and capture his record setting sixth WWF title.
- On the March 5, 2001 episode of "Raw," McMahon appointed Debra as his manager.
- In April 2001, The Rock left the WWF to begin filming scenes for the "The Scorpion King" movie.
- The Rock finally returned to WWF television on the July 30, 2001 edition of "Raw," and pledged his loyalty to the WWF.
- On August 14, 2001, The Rock's wife Dany delivered a 7 lbs. 10-ounce baby girl the couple named Simone Alexandra Johnson.
- At Summerslam '01, The Rock pinned Booker T to capture the WCW title in San Jose, CA.
- At Unforgiven '01 in Pittsburgh, PA, The Rock successfully defended the WCW title against Shane McMahon and Booker T.
- On the October 22, 2001 episode of "Raw" in Kansas City, MO, The Rock and Y2J defeated the Dudley Boyz for the WWF World Tag Team title.
- On the November 5, 2001 edition of "Raw" in Uniondale, NY, The Rock pinned Jericho to regain the WCW title.
- At the 2001 Survivor Series in Greensboro, NC, The Rock defeated Austin - meaning the final victory for the WWF over the Alliance.
- At the 2002 No Way Out PPV, The Rock pinned the Undertaker.
- The Rock pinned Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania X-8 in Toronto.
- McMahon selected The Rock the #1 over all selection in the WWF brand extension draft.
- At Vengeance '02 in Detroit, MI, The Rock won the three way dance over the Undertaker and Angle to capture the WWE title.

The Rock's Show

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